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Mayor's Scholars Program

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Mayor's Scholars Program
Executive Board 2022

President  Allyson Nelson
Treasurer Francesco Milano
VP of High School Engagement Ren Yagawara
VP of Social Planning Ava Cima
VP of Social Impact Michelle Wu
VP of Marketing Maftuna Latipova
VP of Mentorship Development Abigail Harris
VP of Alumni Relations Tal Netz
Advisor Lulu Kaliher

The Mayor’s Scholars program consists of an executive board (elected each fall), an advisor, and its members. There are various events held throughout the year, such as: Mayor’s Scholars dinner, Mentor-Mentee social events, study breaks, and internship panels. Members can serve on various committees, listed below:

Mentor Development: This committee helps maintain the sense of community within the Mayor's Scholarship Program. By matching upperclassmen with incoming freshmen and hosting mentor- mentee activities throughout the semester, the committee strengthens a supportive and fun atmosphere.

Social Planning: This committee is geared towards bringing current Mayor’s Scholars together through monthly social events. Through these events, the committee hopes to foster a stronger community among Philly natives.

Engagement: This committee works closely with Admissions Office to organize and help with events and activities prepared for high school students. Through workshops with local high schoolers, this committee hopes to engage and inspire local students.

Educational Initiatives: This committee focuses on academic support, providing unique ways to contribute to the education of MSP members. This is accomplished by providing resources for academic assistance, as well as offering opportunities to become more informed citizens.

Alumni Affairs: This committee fosters the engagement between current Mayor’s Scholars and alumni. Through annual networking and reunion events, this committee hopes to bridge the gap between students and alumni in the Mayor’s Scholars community.

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Mayor's Scholars dinner 2019