House Life

House Life

Muslim Life Residential Program (a Student-Designed Community)

The Muslim Life Residential Program provides residents with an experiential living and learning space focused on the appreciation of Islamic culture, food, history, and practice, providing students of any background a chance to learn about the local effect of Islam and the daily experiences of Muslims. Islam is deeply integrated in the culture of Philadelphia particularly, so this program offers students across Penn a way to appreciate how Islam influences daily life in the home of one of the largest Muslim communities in North America.

The program will offer regular opportunities for lectures and academic programs about Islamic perspectives on student life, including explorations of Islam’s rich history in Philadelphia, spiritual perspectives on mental health, and the ways Islamic/faith-based ethics manifest in fields like healthcare and business.  Social activities will be a big part of the program as well, exploring the Philadelphia halal restaurant scene, touring historic sites in the city, and performing community service with the West Philadelphia Muslims Serve project.  

Additionally, this program floor offers a space where Muslim students on campus can comfortably explore their own faith identity. Opportunities and space for communal prayer will be provided.

Viraj Patel, Harnwell House Director

Program Members: