House Life

House Life

Perspectives in Humanities

Perspectives in the Humanities is a community focused on the elevated appreciation of the arts and the humanities through shared experiences. Members of Perspectives in the Humanities come from diverse backgrounds, but are united by a common passion for the humanities. One need not study the humanities to apply—the program merely calls for a genuine interest and desire to spend time with fellow humanists. PiH is dedicated to fostering an appreciation and the discussion of the humanities at Penn: in the arts and music, literature, languages, theater, history, philosophy, anthropology, religion, jurisprudence, ethics, and beyond.  Signature events include the Penn Author Forum, speakeasy events, theater and museum outings in Philadelphia, and notable cultural events within the city.

Goals: The goal of PiH is to create an environment conducive to studying and enjoying the humanities beyond the classroom, where students feel comfortable discussing their creative thoughts with others, both formally and socially.

Dr. Krimo Bokreta, House Director

Program Members: 26