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House Life

Women in Computer Science

Women in Computer Science, Kings Court English’s newest program, was born out of an awareness that with women representing fewer than 15% of all computer scientists, female undergraduate who aspire to enter the field of Computer Science could benefit from the structure, community, and mentoring of a residential program. WiCS provides residents with opportunities to study together, to mentor and advise one another, and to build confidence within a non-competitive environment. Members of the well-established KCECH program, the Science and Technology Wing (STWing), also work supportively and collaboratively with the WiCS program. Topics of learning include Web development, Android development, Linux, and more through workshops held in the House or co-sponsored with the departments of Computer Science or Digital Media Design. Activities include social coding programs, dinners with faculty members, and trips to visit tech companies like Google; these events may be co-sponsored with organizations such as the CSE-sponsored, non-residential WiCS organization, Weiss Tech House, the Dining Philosophers, and the Women’s Center, among others.

Goals: WiCS’s mission is to provide a safe, supportive living-learning environment for women who study computer science and hope to one day make their careers in that field. As part of that mission, the program seeks to provide faculty and peer mentorship especially to the youngest members of the community.

Dr. Krimo Bokreta, House Director

Program Members: 11